A Center for Leaders Seeking Renewal


Too Little Butter Spread Over Too Much Toast

Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Exhausted. Alone.  

Is this you? If so, you're not alone. 

Many social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders describe themselves feeling this way after being on the frontlines - even after a few years. The work can be Sisyphean; the support and resources too often scarce.

In addressing the needs and traumas of others, you've probably overlooked your own well-being. 

The result: you're flirting with burnout (or already there!), grappling with a mental health issue like depression, and/or your personal relationships are taking a beating creating toxic ripples that reach well beyond you to the organization you lead and communities you serve. 

Sound familiar? That was my experience. 

I'm Doniece Sandoval the founder of LavaMaeX a nonprofit that began by converting public buses into showers and toilets on wheels for people experiencing homelessness. Seven years later after scaling, serving 30,000+ Californians, and inspiring and training hundreds of other communities around the globe to launch similar programs, I was burnt to a crisp.

TALO is my attempt to create for other leaders what I needed and didn't find: a place of refuge and renewal to rekindle the fire in the belly that first inspired the work.